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Services we offer:

SIEM Services

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) services include deployment of Wazuh on main architecture environment, cloud or both.

Wazuh Server Setup

NCCS experts ensure that there are no hurdles held in the way of the wazuh server installation process. We check, upgrade your system as per the needs of Wazuh, and successfully proceed towards installation steps.


Open-source host-based intrusion detection system (OSSEC) performing log-analysis, integrity checking, time-based alerting, integrity checking, and windows registry monitoring.

Wazuh Pricing

Wazuh pricing depends on the types of requirements you have. We offer flexible prices that fit your business needs, meanwhile providing enhanced security. From Wazuh cloud services to the Wazuh installation and integration services, our prices vary depending on the needs.

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How is Wazuh beneficial for your business?

The Wazuh platform helps organizations and individuals protect their data assets through threat prevention, detection, and response.

Log data analysis

In many cases, evidence of an attack can be found in the log messages of devices, systems, and applications. Wazuh assists users by automating log management and analysis to accelerate threat detection.

File integrity monitoring

The File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) component generates an alert when it detects a change in the file system. This capability is often used to detect access or changes to sensitive data.

Rootkits detection

This kind of malware usually replaces or changes the components of the existing operating system to alter the system behavior. Rootkits can hide other processes, files, and network connections.

Active response

The agent has the ability to block network connections, stop running processes, and delete malicious files, among other actions. In addition, it can also run customized scripts developed by the user.

Configuration assessment

Automated Security Configuration Assessment is essential to reduce its attack surface. The Wazuh SCA helps maintain a standard configuration through the monitored endpoints.

System inventory

The Wazuh agent system inventory module collects information from the monitored system. This tool helps to identify assets and evaluate the efficacy of patch management.

Vulnerability detection

Vulnerable software applications are commonly targeted by attackers to compromise endpoints and gain a persistent presence on targeted networks.

Cloud security

The Wazuh security platform provides threat detection, configuration compliance, and continuous monitoring for multicloud and hybrid environments.

Container security

Wazuh is used to monitor security incidents across containers, in real time. Wazuh protects workloads at different levels: infrastructure and container level.

Regulatory compliance

SIEM provides security, such as intrusion detection, configuration assessment, log analysis, and vulnerability detection, to meet all aspects of regulatory compliance.

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