Ensure Compliance

Meet compliance requirements for the information security standard ISO/IEC 27001, including continuous monitoring, workflows for audit trails and incident investigations, and reports measuring the effectiveness and status of technical controls. NCCS Bounty, Pentest, and Response ensure broad coverage of the most common vulnerability types. Stay ahead, compliant, and secure.

Governance & Risk Management

There are certain policies to choose a product from a specific vendor that is trustable and known. It can also provide the security from insider threats that comes from within an organization. Moreover, governance, risk and compliance, also known as GRC means the policies for handling company’s governance, risk and compliance with legislatives.

Secure The Attack Surface

To keep your applications secure and demonstrate your commitment to security. NCCS offers a suite of products designed to fit your needs and integrate into your systems: public and private bug bounty programs, Vetted security researchers, Pentesting, and more.

Threat Hunting & Threat Intelligence

Threat hunting is the active participation of finding factors or endpoints that are leading to threat generation on the organization. It includes the identification of different end points that are possible to be the gateway.
NCCS Threat Intelligence program is the information about threats and threat actors that helps mitigate harmful events in cyberspace. This information is then analysis by company and there can be numerous possible ways for the incoming of threat.

Digital Brand Trust

Establish yourself as a security leader. Turn security from a checkbox into a competitive differentiator by offering top-of-the-line security. Foster trust and avoid costly breaches by maintaining thorough, robust security procedures. Turn security into a strategic differentiator for your brand.

Testing & Auditing

It includes security audit which is an evaluation of NCCS security factor based on the conformity for their policies. Like audit of hardware and software used and client’s activities. It simply gives the ways of handling security in many ways that NCCS does. Also, the data masking is very important it is used as a layer of protection for confidential data such as banking details. It also provides vendor risk management.