Our Projects

End Point Security : 

endThe end point security is a very wide domain due to variety and     associated vulnerabilities in end point systems used by   individuals     and all corporate sector include government,   transport, medical,   travel,   entertainment etc. This project   includes the security of   operating   system, memory, application   and data of PCs, mobile,   and servers   from  malware. Some   online or offline end point   systems can be   classified as critical   infrastructure due to their   reliability and   availability   requirements. These services include   banking, cyber connected   power grid, control systems of nuclear power plants and critical communication services.                                            


Internet Security :


To ensure cyber security of government and corporate sectors of Pakistan, under this project, we aim to provide early detection and prevention of DOS and DDOS attacks. In order to utilize the benefits offered by cloud computing, we are trying to enhance its security, mainly the trust issues. Moreover, for uncovering hidden malware and security profiling of Internet traffic. 




Digital Forensics:

forensicsWhether the computer forensic examiner investigates the  evidence in his lab or he works directly at the crime scene, he   needs a lot of tools and    a well-prepared location to go through   the analysis and fully investigate      the digital evidence. Under   this project, we aim to identify and explore all    the needed   tools and hardware to analyze, identify, preserve, recover, and    present facts and opinions about the information at hand.





Quantum Cryptography:quantum

Quantum information is an emerging technology and compared to advanced countries, we are lacking behind in this area of research. Therefore, through this project, we are not only aiming to promote knowledge, research, and

expertise in this area but also provide secure and computationally efficient solutions to government, private sectors, and to all the citizens of the country. Through this project, it will become possible for the country to utilize the latest quantum key distribution technology.