Industry Projects

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Solution :

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software has been in use in various guises for over a decade and has evolved significantly during that time. SIEM solutions provide a holistic view of what is happening on a network in real-time and help IT teams to be more proactive in the fight against security threats.

Here at NCCS-NEDUET, we are obliged to build a SIEM solution using Open Source technology. This in-house SIEM development will lead to security of many public and private sector institutes at a National level resulting in a overall secure network infrastructure.   



Academic Certificate Verification on Blockchain :

Blockchain, touted as one of the focal components of the next-generation web, has gained immense fame and popularity after Bitcoin's inception in 2008. While wide-spread adoption still remains a work under progress, there is no doubt regarding the outrageous potential of Blockchain.

At NCCS-NEDUET, we are working to innovate and make substantial, meaningful contributions to the blockchain paradigm. Verification of sensitive documents is a major issue and we aim to pioneer a game-changing verification platform, which would constitute a major breakthrough in this domain.

Watch this space ?